Clothing for the state administration

We have been producing work and professional clothing for government employees for many years.

We regularly participate in tenders on public contracts for the supply of work clothes for members of the state police, municipality police, transport companies, the Czech Post and other state companies and agencies.

We have extensive experience in preparing tenders for our customers and we are able to process complete technical documentation for the required clothing.

We can offer a complete preparation service including the creation of clothing designs and technical descriptions.

Examples of work for our clients

Workwear must perform many functions

  • be pretty to suit employees
  • be in the colors of the company to make it clear whose employee it is
  • be provided with a logo
  • sometimes it performs other specific functions: antistatic, non-flammability, reflective

The most basic work clothes

becoming polo shirt with a logo in the form of a patch and quality work pants with pockets.

Clothes for rescuers are a very specific part of workware

It must not only meet very high requirements for the quality of the material and the comfort of the wearer, but it must usually, with regard to its use on roads, comply with the standard on reflective clothing ČSN ISO 20471.

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