Clothes for transport company drivers

Dressing transport drivers is challenging

these are men and women of different ages and sizes.

It is necessary to create clothes with maximum regard for their comfort at work, while taking into account the requirements of design and safety.

For each transport company, we develop a unique collection of clothingin the color of the transport company logo. The collection is then complete and the clothing maximally represents the transport company and its employees.

""Everyone has respect for a well-dressed person""


We offer clothes made of classic and functional materials, which are already prevalent today. We consider fabrics based on cotton and wool to be classic materials. Today, the emphasis is placed on the functionality of the materials and on the comfort of wearing, which the functional materials sufficiently meet. Functional materials are based on polyester fibers in various profiles, which ensures the escape of vapors from the body. They do not squeeze and do not lose color and shape. Their great advantage is that they do not need to be ironed, so very easy maintenance. T-shirts and polo shirts contain silver particles, which have disinfectant effects. The clothing does not smell like sweat even after prolonged wear.

We can design, model, help with the exact specification, produce and possibly service clothes. In some transport companies, we also operate a consignment warehouse for direct and fast equipment. Employees can then pick up clothes at their place of employment according to their own possibilities and needs. We make minor adjustments to clothing while you wait.

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Examples of work for our clients

There is nothing above elegance

There are professions where elegance and timelessness of clothing are still in demand like with conductors. Only the materials are changed to new and modern.

One team, but everyone is different

Shirt or polo shirt? Does everyone prefer something different? How to cope with that? Simply! Unify the collection and connect the clothes with an interesting detail, for example with the same details on the polo shirt.

Today, even bus drivers drive their machines in functional clothing

They take advantage of the benefits that these materials offer: lightness, crease-free, color fastness, breathability, easy maintenance.

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