Tailor-made clothes

Clothes from a professional designer:

We prefer materials from Czech or European production where there is a guarantee of high quality and health safety.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive service, including designs from a professional designer, so that the clothing meets not only the terms of quality and use but also forms an aesthetic part of the company's image. The designer works with the colors or logo provided by the customer.

I want tailored-made clothes

From design to final implementation

Clothes according to the designs of a professional designer


We provide our customers with a comprehensive service, including the work of a professional designer, so that the clothing suits not only in terms of quality and use, but also forms an aesthetic part of the interior. We offer the design to our customers free of charge.



After the client's consent to the proposals we immediately start implementing the order. We provide the clothes with embroidery or print according to your wishes. The minimal order amount is 20 pieces per model.

We can relieve you of all worries about the clothing of your employees, including direct equipment in our warehouse in Prague 9.

We offer complete outsourcing services, including clothing warehouse management and distribution to any location in the Czech Republic within 24 hours.
Abroad within 48 hours. Free of charge for packages worth over 3000CZK

Dafné professional and company clothing

Dafné workwear is characterized in the first place by its practicality, durability and safety of selected materials. Comfortable cut and stylish appearance of the final products is a matter of course. All this taking into account the specific requirements of work clothes for specific professions. There is also a wide range of accompanying services available corresponding to the size and type of each individual order.

Represent yourself -Uniform clothing is an important part of every company's image.

Why Dafné clothes

Uniform clothing of employees represents your company in daily contact with the customer and is an important part of the company's image. In Dafné's range of professional clothing, you will find not only unlimited combinations of cuts, materials and colors, including company logos, but also a comprehensive range of services such as distribution and storage of clothing made by us. The minimal order amount is 20 pieces per model.

Our customers:

Make an appointment

For large orders, we provide our customers with a quantity discount
based on prior agreement.

Appointment process

The customer contacts our company by phone or e-mail ( and informs us of their wishes and requirements


Then an appointment with a representative of our company is arranged at which our catalogs, samples of materials, etc. are presented to the customer. Or the customer himself delivers drawn designs or ready-made clothing according to which we then produce the entire order.


Depending on the required number of pieces, the price of materials, production requirements, etc. we make a calculation which we send to the customer and he usually sends us a binding order. Based on which we start the production.

Product delivery

The usual delivery time, ie from the first contact to the delivery of the goods to the customer, is approximately one month. However, everything depends on the size of the order and the specific needs of the customer - if necessary, production can be significantly accelerated.

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